Targets and Planet 51

So what’s behind that big screen?

When I took the kiddies to watch Planet 51 last week at the drive in at the Swap Shop, another movie I had watched with the wife on DVD a couple of days earlier kept coming back to my mind.

THAT movie was Peter Bogdanovich’s 1967 masterpiece, Targets.

Masterfully directed, low budget, shot in two days, it stands as the vehicle for Boris Karloff’s last significant role.

And it’s arguably the most disturbing and perhaps the most truly horrifying movie Karloff ever appeared in.

Ironically, Boris is the hero on this one and the all-too-real monster is your basic boy next door gone postal in harrowing horrifying scenes directly inspired by the then current Texas Tower Massacre.

After watching this movie, Frankenstein is downright therapeutic.

But anyway, what I kept remembering about Targets that night was that in the movie’s closing sequence the killer chose a most logical place for a last stand. A place where, with a small opening on a fabric wall and your trusty long-range rifle, you get a veritable smorgasbord of unsuspecting sitting ducks of all ages.

Behind the screen.

At a drive-in theater.

Karloff and Bogdanovich huddle up before the cameras roll.

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By juliorey

Punk, metal and acoustic. Writing since 1974, Christian since 1977, Christian music since 1979, releasing since 1982. The Lead. Frank's Enemy. Ad creative, social media superhero, Cuban-born, Xtian, Liberty, homeschool, dad of 4, hubby of 1. Jets, Da U, Heat.

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