Lyric: God Used A Woman

You must be as surprised as I
Standing here and things are fine
God used a woman

Wasted time not coming back
So many tangents to the track
God used a woman

And I don’t regret a single tear
Wouldn’t take back a single year
God used a woman

On me
To keep me
Guided by
Her love

By her love
And His love
And they don’t die

I felt called to do so much by God
But I never really did my job
He used a woman

I beat my chest and I cried
But it was nothing more than lies
God used a woman

Everyone thinks I talk too much
I open my mouth and I get shushed
My taste for waste still gets in touch
For me to learn there’s almost too much
God uses a woman

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By juliorey

Punk, metal and acoustic. Writing since 1974, Christian since 1977, Christian music since 1979, releasing since 1982. The Lead. Frank's Enemy. Ad creative, social media superhero, Cuban-born, Xtian, Liberty, homeschool, dad of 4, hubby of 1. Jets, Da U, Heat.

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