Area 1234 going members-only

Bye bye hot links, hello tribe.

As Not Silent continues its lurching steps towards some semblance of business legitimacy, I have made the executive incision of locking out Area 1234 to casual surfers and hot linkers. So pardon my dust as I get this going in the next day or two.

The price of being able to login and download the aural delights and view the blackmail photos is simply your email address. No, I won’t sell the emails to anybody. I’ll send you the occasional email with an update on what I’ve got going on and the occasional exclusive deal or giveaway.

And of course I’m going to continue to populate Area 1234 with all the detritus my crazed mind can manufacture. I’m sure you’ll want to have a ticket to all that. See ya there!

By juliorey

Punk, metal and acoustic. Writing since 1974, Christian since 1977, Christian music since 1979, releasing since 1982. The Lead. Frank's Enemy. Ad creative, social media superhero, Cuban-born, Xtian, Liberty, homeschool, dad of 4, hubby of 1. Jets, Da U, Heat.

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