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Binge watching the clock until you’re dead

Binge-watching. Great phrase, but why stop at TV shows? Here’s some happy-go-lucky word association lyrics with some poop culture thrown in.

Binge Watching

Binge watching the Justin Bieber trial
Binge watching life’s very last mile
Binge watching the pillow on your head
Binge watching the clock until you’re dead

Reality shows reality blows
Reality knows reality throws

NEW VERSE 3/14/14!!!!!!!!!!!!

Binge watching idiotic selfie celebs
Binge watching your butt on Mt St Helens
Binge watching on a hi def three inch screen
Binge watching your eyelids as they dream


I look in your eyes
I know they don’t look back
I stay out of your way
You always turn your back

I don’t know you any more
I guess I don’t really care
Dying slowly in these four walls
Teeth smiling in despair

By juliorey

Punk, metal and acoustic. Writing since 1974, Christian since 1977, Christian music since 1979, releasing since 1982. The Lead. Frank's Enemy. Ad creative, social media superhero, Cuban-born, Xtian, Liberty, homeschool, dad of 4, hubby of 1. Jets, Da U, Heat.

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