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Two Lyrics In Three Days Must Mean Some Sort Of Mental Crisis. Oh snap…

When I End Up

When I end up
Making my sad goodbye
Watching the tears fall
From each other’s eyes
All I pray is we get past it
Fastest of all
You’ll see my face
When you try to die tall

When I end up
Together or alone
Glad for what we had
Sad for what is gone
All the lessons
This life just has to teach
We can never fully impart
Can only hope I helped you cheat

In my right mind I say
When I stop I go away
Not gonna be a walker
Don’t name the remains
What I leave behind is
Yours for your new day
To ditch when we meet again
In the days of immortal frames

By juliorey

Punk, metal and acoustic. Writing since 1974, Christian since 1977, Christian music since 1979, releasing since 1982. The Lead. Frank's Enemy. Ad creative, social media superhero, Cuban-born, Xtian, Liberty, homeschool, dad of 4, hubby of 1. Jets, Da U, Heat.

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