Whatever I Am

Whatever I am I know what I am called to be
Whatever I am I’ll take the battle and I’ll take the tragedy
Whatever I am I know what I can accept and reject
Whatever I am I will keep to my stand and take all the bets

Whatever I am I don’t care if I never figure it out
Whatever I am I understand what I am to be about
Whatever I am I understand what I am to be
Whatever I am only I can decide it for me

Everybody’s normal
And I’m tired of running away from me
I may never wake up happy
I am crap, start with that reality
And then we’ll see

Whatever I am I know what I can do and cannot do
Whatever I am I know that beyond me lies the truth
Whatever I am is less important than what I am to who’s in front of me
Whatever I am I can only stand on whatever Jesus is in me


Holding Off On The Joy

What I live for is nothing less than your smile
I’m too afraid sometimes to strike out for that first mile
I have visions I cling to and I don’t want to see them destroyed
I stay quiet bide my time and hold off on the joy

What am I saving when everything slips through my hands?
What am I preserving when I struggle just to understand?
I want you safe and I want your peace and I want you to know why
I’ll pine and whine in the meantime and I’m holding off on the joy


Hide Behind Jesus

Hide behind Jesus and do what thou wilt

Ask yourself what would He do but did He call you to do it?

Jesus more important than any family friend or time

Jesus and His will will be aligned with your mind



Religion or race or creed or ideology
Wonderful world of you be you and me be me
But if you being you means that you cannot live with me
It’s us or them or them or us doomed to hostility

Killed for no reason it stays behind my eyes
Should have followed orders or an eye for an eye
We’ve got to live together but please keep it down
We’ve got to live together but you’re not safe in their town

Of cultural integration
You keep to your nation
We do the selfgregation

Laws manufactured, applied discriminately
Injustice overthrown does it mean now you come for me?
We’ve got to live together but my children need their safety
Back to our little green rooms of echoed reality

I have to love my neighbor when he might be making bombs
I have no redirection I’m either weak or strong
Sunday morning coming round as the tribes turn into towns
We’ve got to live together you know someday you should come down


Horror of Clarity

Nothing's getting by me now
The hellhound is ever behind me now
My shield is up my saber's out
Not the ones Ephesians talks about

There's a stain on my hand and in my soul
Hyper vigilance hyper control
I'm looking for the clock that turns back time
I'm finding new mountains for me to climb


This Is Nothing

(…but what I deserve)

I’m going to die
And I’m glad I’ll die forgiven
Glad for the relief
I took more than what I was given

I gluttonized
I scratched my every itch
It kept my mind away
It kept the wounds all stitched

But this is nothing
This is nothing
This is nothing
But what I deserve

Such a depth of darkness
So perfectly alone
And uncomprehending
Of what to do to be reborn

That lack of love
Maybe I was always dead
But I want to live
To smile when I look ahead


New lyric: Alone Adrift

(Not sure where this one will go…)

Alone Adrift

Who made this million miles?

I can’t do anything more
I can’t even die
No use to ask why
All eyes were opened wide
Faiths misplaced
Intentions misspoken
My anger has run cold
Can’t do anything more

I built a castle on the rocks
I built it and I’m stuck at the top


The Right to Hate

A lyric for the times. 

The Right to Hate

We have the right to hate and you to hate back
Terrorists and Patriots
The cop killers and the cop killed are stacked
Sick republic in anti-class war
Misinformation age
Disinformation rage
The facts of death they are 

Half of us are coming for the other half

Tomorrow our flag belongs to them
Our turn it will be to burn it again
They’ll put out the fires and bow before it
Send us to jail for how we deplore it 


I Eat The Ramen

It all started with one innocent tweet from a fiend. Then things just boiled over until this lyric finally made its way into my noodle. Add verses in the comments if you like.

I Eat The Ramen

I just wheeze before I sneeze and you just leave and we are not together
See my nose run like flavor from my gum see my germs fly

I’m dying

Push away my Corn Flakes
Waiting for relief to come
Elementary cooking on a winter Wednesday
Throat, you’ve been a naughty boy you let the germs come in

I boil the egg, man
They boil the peppers
I eat the ramen

Gag gag achoo!

Sitting in my little office I’m not having fun
Since my nose just runs I got to stand and blow it the entire day

I boil the egg, man
They boil the peppers
I eat the ramen

Gag gag achoo!

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Somewhere at the Foot of the Cross (Civil War 2)

(New Frank’s Enemy song coming soon to the next Dewar PR comp. Written and recorded the week of the RNC, the shooting of Charles Kinsey and the Munich Shootings)

Wars to end all wars
Do not trump the wars to end all laws
We’ll carry our dead (the black and the blue)
Banners held high (popped cops and tools)

The grownups have all left the room
Eternal pissing contest, name your doom
Mindless laws turn men (back to cattle(
Inner Whitman, inner Klansman, (join the battle)

The answer’s somewhere
The answer’s somewhere

Solve it with shots
Solve it with fear
It will return
Wearing SWAT gear
Who’ll be the first (To smile through tears)
Who’ll be the first (To refuse fear)

The sword is calling you to come and die
You pull the trigger but what’s on your mind?
Keep on shooting (Bet what you hold dear)
You just keep on shooting (I’ll just try to heal)

The answer’s somewhere
At the foot of the Cross

The answer’s somewhere
But it’s getting lost