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I Wanna Be A Rebel


 (Upon reading of the Nat Turner Rebellion and how it started with killing people – what’s the line between revolution and war? Revolution and terror? )

I Wanna Be A Rebel

I wanna be a rebel
I wanna kill with no guilt
I want an army of the poor
To destroy what they built

All my motives noble
All my methods fun
A populist coronation
Aw shucks I’m the one

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Volveré a Cuba
A las cinco provincias
Y a Isla De Pinos
Al show de Gorki y Ciro


Volveré a Cuba
A comerme una frita
En el McDonald’s de la esquina
Después a ver tocar Los Pornos

Volveré a Cuba
A cantar El Comandante
Mientras La Presidenta Sanchez
Se reúna con Havel

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War is the Rock and Roll of the Nation

You say you want a revolution
You say you want to say let’s roll
You say you want to take the battle
You say you need it for your soul

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Two Lyrics In Three Days Must Mean Some Sort Of Mental Crisis. Oh snap…

When I End Up

When I end up
Making my sad goodbye
Watching the tears fall
From each other’s eyes
All I pray is we get past it
Fastest of all
You’ll see my face
When you try to die tall

When I end up
Together or alone
Glad for what we had
Sad for what is gone
All the lessons
This life just has to teach
We can never fully impart
Can only hope I helped you cheat

In my right mind I say
When I stop I go away
Not gonna be a walker
Don’t name the remains
What I leave behind is
Yours for your new day
To ditch when we meet again
In the days of immortal frames

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For my 56th BD I have written this lyric that I will submit to the Ramones (wait, what…?)

I don’t wanna be toxic

I don’t wanna be toxic
I wanna do the best I can
I don’t wanna be toxic
I wanna grow and be a man

Indecipherable the faces around me
Act and react I try
It all feels like a lie

Everyone I know is counting on me
Full of smiles and words
And unapproachable

How idiotic must I look to anyone who sees
When all I see is another reproach pointing out to me

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In which the story of Afghan pedophile militia leaders makes me write this lyric about the whole area and uh, why stay there anyway?

Darwin in the Holy Lands

The holier the land
The holey-er the ground
The hatchlings are the food
The brood is leaving town

The craters and the tears
Currency of years
Empire ever near
The only cry to hear

Inspiration (actually desolation) here.

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Cigar Box Country Easter Grindcore Blues (or, the latest version of Roll the Rock)

Nothing more appropriate for Easter morning at church than a country blues standard played on an amplified Shane Speal cigar box guitar.

Roll the rock, Lord
Roll the rock onto my sin
Roll the rock, Lord
Onto disease and pestilence
Roll the rock, Lord
Roll the rock onto my death
Roll the rock, roll the rock, roll the rock

Oh to see Who’s at that right hand
Oh to see Who’s in glory above
Oh to see them put them plastic wings on
Oh to see the True Face of Love

Oh to see this whole world dipped in Clorox
Oh to feel my pride cut to the bone
Oh to see it all taken apart and shown me
Oh to see the payoff to the loan

Throw down your chains, boys, because it’s time to go

More on the tune here.

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Yes, this is what angry-old-fartdom looks like.

A million clicks
Come on, prove your claim
Your ideology
Indicates your brain

I’m sick of the game
Believe what you want
Nothing will change
Everyone stays wrong

The world wants to commit
Suicide by you
It’s something you eat
Or something you do

No one knows where to go
Everyone has a map
Every philosophy has its wonks
Every community its trash

Answer no questions and always tell lies
Always maintain the element of surprise
First win the game then you’ll know the prize


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Another pop punker written in the early 80s, revived for my church performance today. This one has some Cold War references in it. Reflecting my fanhood of the Clash at the time, as well as my disagreement with their ideology.

Putting all these songs together, maybe they deserved better than to get released on a badly-mixed cassette three or four years after they got written. Maybe it’s time for their due. Maybe there’s an Unrehearsed Walk 3 in the future.

Oh, and if I’m sick of putting my tired old mug on YouTube playing guitar every week, you’re probably doubly-sick of looking at it. Let’s spare each other and just do audio. Just hit play and close your eyes as always…

It’s 1 am but before I sleep I’ve got something to say
I’ve been praying my way through a hard set of days
This world is tired of the gunfire
This world is walking down a wire
Maybe it’s time it should snap

 Revolutions come I’ve lost count but it’s all done in vanity
They say it’s the people in power but it looks like greed to me
The power comes to those with the guns
The starving die when the money’s gone
Or else at the paredon 
Looking out for number one

But I’m far and so far thank God i don’t need to worry about the tribunals
But the devil’s on my back, I hate to feel his tempting claws
Without God I know I’d be dead by now
With him a struggle is a show of his power
Power I don’t always use
And I start to sing the biues

I ain’t gonna go round crying and screaming doomsday
But the fact is he’s coming and he’s coming any day
It’s been 2,000 rough years when the day was foretold
2,000 years that we’re that much closer to home

 All I tell you is believe in the power that changes lives
Jesus can do what we could never in 1,000 tries
Though you wait to see him, you can meet him
He knows your thoughts and he has a perfect heart

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Change the World Tomorrow

You see? Sometimes I can be positive.

Change The World Tomorrow

My agency’s free for those that love me
Above principle, above a party
Any opportunity, any system to game
With Biblical compass I will feel no shame

Caesar has what is his, Caesar’s nothing but us
I won’t lie or steal but I can make a deal
No line I won’t sign when it’s obviously time
if it pushes back the sorrow
I’ll change the world tomorrow

Keep the ones closest closest to your heart
Every love on this earth will soon sorrowfully part
Risen Lazarus’ bones went back to the sand
Savor each day you can hold a hand

Remember the faces, soon they will change
Each favorite book comes to its last page
Savor each need and know in your sorrow
That the Lord will redeem
He’ll change the world tomorrow