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Somewhere at the Foot of the Cross (Civil War 2)

(New Frank’s Enemy song coming soon to the next Dewar PR comp. Written and recorded the week of the RNC, the shooting of Charles Kinsey and the Munich Shootings)

Wars to end all wars
Do not trump the wars to end all laws
We’ll carry our dead (the black and the blue)
Banners held high (popped cops and tools)

The grownups have all left the room
Eternal pissing contest, name your doom
Mindless laws turn men (back to cattle(
Inner Whitman, inner Klansman, (join the battle)

The answer’s somewhere
The answer’s somewhere

Solve it with shots
Solve it with fear
It will return
Wearing SWAT gear
Who’ll be the first (To smile through tears)
Who’ll be the first (To refuse fear)

The sword is calling you to come and die
You pull the trigger but what’s on your mind?
Keep on shooting (Bet what you hold dear)
You just keep on shooting (I’ll just try to heal)

The answer’s somewhere
At the foot of the Cross

The answer’s somewhere
But it’s getting lost

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I Wanna Be A Rebel


 (Upon reading of the Nat Turner Rebellion and how it started with killing people – what’s the line between revolution and war? Revolution and terror? )

I Wanna Be A Rebel

I wanna be a rebel
I wanna kill with no guilt
I want an army of the poor
To destroy what they built

All my motives noble
All my methods fun
A populist coronation
Aw shucks I’m the one

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Volveré a Cuba
A las cinco provincias
Y a Isla De Pinos
Al show de Gorki y Ciro


Volveré a Cuba
A comerme una frita
En el McDonald’s de la esquina
Después a ver tocar Los Pornos

Volveré a Cuba
A cantar El Comandante
Mientras La Presidenta Sanchez
Se reúna con Havel

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Suggested setlist for the Rolling Stones concert in Cuba


Street Fighting Man (“dig the time is right for a palace revolution” – and hey, the palace is just around the corner)

Star Star (in dedication to the sex workers of the malecón and their newly-advanced career opportunities)

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (in dedication to the dissidents, joined by a chorus of “volunteers” in white costumes)

2,000 Light Years from Home (in dedication to all the rafters in the Florida Straits)

Sweet Black Angel (in dedication to the Ladies in White – but will Mick and Keef harmonize the N-word after Obama visited?!?)

Under My Thumb (in dedication to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio)

Tumbling Dice (joined by special surprise guest Donald Trump, who subsequently announces agreement to build Trump Havana Casino & Resort – and he gets to keep 15% of the proceeds!)

Sympathy for the Devil (joined onstage by Fidel & Raul for the “killed the Tsar and his ministers” part)


El Comandante (In the grand Stones tradition of covering authentic tunes they close with Porno Para Ricardo’s signature tune that gives Fidel his due. The authorities respond like Hell’s Angels at Altamont.)


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War is the Rock and Roll of the Nation

You say you want a revolution
You say you want to say let’s roll
You say you want to take the battle
You say you need it for your soul

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Two Lyrics In Three Days Must Mean Some Sort Of Mental Crisis. Oh snap…

When I End Up

When I end up
Making my sad goodbye
Watching the tears fall
From each other’s eyes
All I pray is we get past it
Fastest of all
You’ll see my face
When you try to die tall

When I end up
Together or alone
Glad for what we had
Sad for what is gone
All the lessons
This life just has to teach
We can never fully impart
Can only hope I helped you cheat

In my right mind I say
When I stop I go away
Not gonna be a walker
Don’t name the remains
What I leave behind is
Yours for your new day
To ditch when we meet again
In the days of immortal frames

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For my 56th BD I have written this lyric that I will submit to the Ramones (wait, what…?)

I don’t wanna be toxic

I don’t wanna be toxic
I wanna do the best I can
I don’t wanna be toxic
I wanna grow and be a man

Indecipherable the faces around me
Act and react I try
It all feels like a lie

Everyone I know is counting on me
Full of smiles and words
And unapproachable

How idiotic must I look to anyone who sees
When all I see is another reproach pointing out to me

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It’s football season, and you know what that means: playing a local punk rock classic and then recording it on ukulele

So I’m at church on NFL opening day 2015, where I usually irritate the congregation with my one song about football.

Frankly I was starting to get irritated of it myself, having to play it ONCE EVERY YEAR since time immemorial. And on top of that, a far better football song was hiding in plain view. With deep emotional ties to my own fandom of the New York Jets.

But first…

The Eat were one of the first of the great South Florida punk bands, and arguably the best of them. I’ll stop right there and let their Alternative Tentacles bio take over:

“Formed in 1978 by brothers Eddie and Michael O’Brien, Glenn Newland, and Christopher Cottie, The Eat rapidly became a distinct member of a relatively small group of South Florida punk rock acts that also included the Cichlids. The same thing was happening all around the country; young kids everywhere were rejecting the disco and track music stagnation of Seventies radio. Armed with deceptively simple songs, The Eat gigged on a small circuit of clubs throughout South Florida — The Agora Ballroom, Flynn’s, The Premier AOR, Balkan Lounge, and 27 Birds, just to name a few. ‘In the early Seventies, doing original material in clubs was out of the question,’ says Eddie O’Brien. ‘Maybe you could slip in one per set, but the clubs sometimes even told you what covers you could play. The Cichlids were the first popular band I remember doing originals … and they kicked the door open for us, [Charlie] Pickett, The Reactions, and the others.'”

So in 1980 I got this great EP they put out. Just look at that cover….

God Punishes The Eat FRONT Cover

Nowadays, it fetches all sorts of money. (And I did cash in a few years ago but I made a tape of the tunes first).

They had a weird vibe that was true to punk and true to Miami.

This was a band comprised of Irish Catholics that called their studio “Jesus Mary and Joseph” and, living in the midst of a large Jewish population, called their label “Giggling Hitler” (Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten and even Mick Jagger wore swastika tees around this time too — look it up).

They flew the anti-hippie standard high by putting “No Ukes!” on the back cover collage, which I accepted as a dig at the “No Nukes” movement currently in vogue and which featured every stoned-out singer-songwriter of the 1970s. Not a dig at the politics perhaps, but definitely at the music.

And I noticed (with good humor of course) they seemed to like trolling us Cubans of the late 70s with their hammer-and-sickle stickers on their guitars and references to wondering if “she could speak English” and being “Marxist revolutionaries” and kneecapping guys with mustaches in Camaros.

God Punishes The Eat Back Cover

Finally, I noted that the O’Briens came from Long Island, which was then the home of the Jets. And they had this whole sports thing going, even with a baseball card in the sleeve.


My favorite tune on the disk was Jimmy B Goode, the opener, written by younger brother Michael O’Brien. I had the thrill of performing half of the tune at Open Books & Records in early 1985 with members of Lethal Yellow. Michael himself was actually standing next to us. I forgot the second verse and asked him what it was. He’d forgotten it too, or maybe didn’t want to be further embarrassed.

A bit later on I got their 1982 full-length tape, Scattered Wahoo Action (which I still haven’t managed to sell), and that is where I first heard, loved, treasured the song I ended up playing at church on opening day. Written by older brother Eddie O’Brien, Open Man is perfectly hook-filled, perfectly rocking, perfectly capturing the frustration that 31 NFL teams are destined to meet every year.


And then I see Michael O’Brien, as a member of the D.T. Martyrs, running around the local rags with this shirt on:


And then I saw the Martyrs at Sync Studios with Michael on guitar later that year, just about when football was starting, and they played Open Man! With Michael on vocals! I yelled “Go Jets!” and Michael said, “Go Jets! How ’bout that O’Brien guy?”

From then on, these guys would be near and dear to my heart as fellow Jets fans. I wondered what Jets game Eddie was referring to in Open Man. Heaven knows there were plenty of disappointing ones to pick from….

Anyway, back to church. I played Open Man and everybody liked it (probably relieved at not having to sit through my football song). But I accidentally deleted the recording from my phone. So I rerecorded it “ON UKE!” in my daughter’s bedroom a day later:


    • A few years ago, Alternative Tentacles gave the Eat their due with this boxset.
    • Michael O’Brien passed away in 2013 after a battle with cancer (nine years after drummer Chris Cottie passed away).
    • Eddie O’Brien revealed he’s actually a Dolphins fan (Michael was a Jet to the end) in this interview from 2014.
    • If you want to see the song properly performed, look no further:
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In which the story of Afghan pedophile militia leaders makes me write this lyric about the whole area and uh, why stay there anyway?

Darwin in the Holy Lands

The holier the land
The holey-er the ground
The hatchlings are the food
The brood is leaving town

The craters and the tears
Currency of years
Empire ever near
The only cry to hear

Inspiration (actually desolation) here.

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CHURCH SONG: Copper Kettle

After over a year I’m back playing tunes at my home church.  On Fridays, we watch movies or TV series and have relevant discussions about them applicable to our lives as Christians. Works for us.

This past Friday we saw the first two episodes of Justified, full of shots of moonshine and down-home white supremacist psychotics. Never done seen it afore. I don’t have cable.

Anytime you see this guy on TV, you know bad things are afoot...
Anytime you see this guy on TV, you know bad things are afoot…

It inspired me to do Dylan’s (cover of) Copper Kettle this morning. Moonshine with a dash of Libertarianism to boot.