Not Silent, 2005

(Family Suite)
That Was My Song
Mr. Joyless
Not My Enemy
In The Presence Of My Love
The Child Is Crying
Baby’s Eyes

(Alternate Mixes)
That Was My Song (Astrid Mix)
Mr. Joyless (Cedric Mix)
In The Presence Of My Love (Astrid Mix)
The Child Is Crying (Cedric Mix)
Baby’s Eyes (Astrid Mix)

(Open Mix Live At Main St. Cafe)
Mr. Joyless
I’m Living My Lie
The Child Is Crying
Michael Iceberg

I’ve written just about all I could write about these individual songs during the last three years. So refer to the pages for Astrid, Cedric, Understand This Sampler, and so low acoustic Open Mix for all that.

Just eight months ago I was working full-blast on a CD to be called Understand the Words, which would be heavy on electric guitar-driven alternative rock of different stripes. I put out Understand This Sampler as a taste of things to come. At the same time I was playing one or two open mics a month to try to keep myself out in the public, including playing solo sets on the electric guitar at the Luna Star Cafe. I was trying to push my taste for punk, trash, garage rock, and junk culture.

The big epiphany came last May at the Luna Star, when someone there told me he really liked what I was doing, but I needed to get a band to do it right. A band is simply not an option for me at the stage of life I am in right now. So I realized that all the songs I was recording at home would never be represented properly onstage by me alone. I had to bring my recordings in line with my stage capabilities, and I had to bring my stage performance in line with my own limitations.

So I’ve been practicing and refining my performing style since the summer, and testing the results on my church. I’m getting closer to stepping out with a new stage presentation.

Corinne is the act of wiping the slate clean on my music. I’ve gone through so much soul-searhing and critical changes of focus with my music the last seven to eight months, that I simply had to take the step of starting all over again.

Enjoy Corinne as the last in a three-project cycle that I named after each of my children, with songs dealing with life, love, and loss. (12.05.2005)


I guess I’m free
At last, as they say
I’m sorry I ever
Lost my way
Never saw it come
I wasn’t going to run
I can’t apologize
I just laugh it off

What I gave the world
For better or worse
Was sometimes a blessing
Sometimes a curse
I don’t think I
Was ever understood
But there’s a lot I’d take
Back if I could

Bombs in my past
I suppose I just had to run
Show me a man
Who didn’t want to be someone
I’ll be judged harsh
And deservedly so
Can’t say there was too much
I didn’t know

Sometimes I wonder about love
This thing I’d love to grasp
Seems so hit and miss
So flunk and pass
To not watch my back
Can’t live in my veins
Somewhere in my soul
There’s a collection of names

I can revel in the tears
That are wiped by the years
And the iron that follows
Cauterizing the fears
A little more dead
Aren’t we all
As we accept the crawl
Each to his own fall

This pottery’s pure clay
But the time is past
Someone else is first
I did not last
I just amassed
And the victor gets spoiled
Mercy upon him
From the loser’s toil



Go to sleep, Mr. Joyless
May the angels dance around you
Never wished any harm
To fall upon you

What prayer could I offer you
After the prayer to clear my mind
For love to replace regrets
For hope to replace time
For Mr. Joyless?

Every time there’s a free ride
I wish it could go to you
For all the good it would do
I wish it would go to you

What did you say, Mr. Joyless
You want to tear your life apart
Raveged by your own choices
Deceived by your own heart

What prayer could I offer you
Is it too late to become wise
Too late for erasing regrets
Too late to love time
For Mr. Joyless?


Who knew what we were getting into?
Not me and I guess not you
Who saw what we where headed for?
Not me and I know not you

You’re not my enemy
I guess you never were
You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for



I’ll dress up nice and neat
Put on my best cologne
This feeling is so sweet
Just hung up my telephone
In her job she waits
I’ll show up right on time
Lovely she’ll emerge
I’ll kiss her lips with mine

I’ve got them butterflies
I’m a little bit in awe
Happens when I know I’ll be
In the presence of my love

Look at the way she walks
And how she dresses so fair
Her hand so delicate
Like the bow in her hair
Her eyes so full of wonder
A window into her soul
I just want to take her hurts
And make them all my own

She’s a vision of spring
Like the sun on a meadow
Smells of honey and rose
Twilight so mellow
Frosty moonlit blue
A gossamer lightness
Playing ‘round her hair
A small quiet brightness



Love is forever
But she doesn’t know
And words are less than what you
Need to show

Do you know where home is
Do you really try
Have you called when
You have been all alone

She watches the moon
Listens to the wind
Tonight she’ll pray
From the room she’s in

But she does not know
How it all will go
May God make her bed
May He soothe her head

The child is crying
The child is crying so bad
God has given you more than you could
Ever hope to have
The child is crying
Yes she’s crying
Know she’s crying
For you

Everything is beautiful
The sky’s clear and blue
The stars smile on your soul
And creation is looking at you

If you could shed a tear
It could carry you so far
Listen as it tries to tell you
What a blessed thing you are


What color are baby’s eyes?
Are they blue and is his skin so white?
Gonna give him an American name
Eliminate all chance of family shame

You don’t look Jewish
You don’t look Black
You don’t look Latin
How ’bout that?



It’s an interesting song for me, comprised almost entirely of loops. The instumenation is simply two acoustic guitar loops (recorded with my classical guitar) and one drum loop from my Rhythmic Journey by Steve Smith CD-ROM. I threw a little electric guitar into the second verse. I kept the editing semi-rough. I wanted it to be evident that the parts were cut and pasted and repeated. Kind of a contrast effect considering that the parts themselves sound pretty organic. Sort of like making a painting on a computer by manipulating individual scanned brushstrokes. I wrote this in the late 90s. OMG’s “How Bizarre” and BAD’s “Rush” was something of an influence on this and some other songs I wrote at the time.

The lyrics are pretty simple. The first two lines are repeated a bunch of times. (11.28.2005)

Today I’m getting closer to the day
When I feel happiness

The ones I love are next to me
The things I want are in front of me
The light bulbs are on top of me
And the sidewalk is right under me

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