New lyric: Alone Adrift

(Not sure where this one will go…)

Alone Adrift

Who made this million miles?

I can’t do anything more
I can’t even die
No use to ask why
All eyes were opened wide
Faiths misplaced
Intentions misspoken
My anger has run cold
Can’t do anything more

I built a castle on the rocks
I built it and I’m stuck at the top


The Right to Hate

A lyric for the times. 

The Right to Hate

We have the right to hate and you to hate back
Terrorists and Patriots
The cop killers and the cop killed are stacked
Sick republic in anti-class war
Misinformation age
Disinformation rage
The facts of death they are 

Half of us are coming for the other half

Tomorrow our flag belongs to them
Our turn it will be to burn it again
They’ll put out the fires and bow before it
Send us to jail for how we deplore it 


I Eat The Ramen

It all started with one innocent tweet from a fiend. Then things just boiled over until this lyric finally made its way into my noodle. Add verses in the comments if you like.

I Eat The Ramen

I just wheeze before I sneeze and you just leave and we are not together
See my nose run like flavor from my gum see my germs fly

I’m dying

Push away my Corn Flakes
Waiting for relief to come
Elementary cooking on a winter Wednesday
Throat, you’ve been a naughty boy you let the germs come in

I boil the egg, man
They boil the peppers
I eat the ramen

Gag gag achoo!

Sitting in my little office I’m not having fun
Since my nose just runs I got to stand and blow it the entire day

I boil the egg, man
They boil the peppers
I eat the ramen

Gag gag achoo!


Studio Pass at Bandcamp: Subscribe & Help Us Finish The EP

After five years (!) we’re getting close to finishing the new EP.

It’s been (and still is) such an epic journey. Lots of work being poured into those four tracks.

We’re sharing the entire journey with you via Studio Pass, a subscriber area we’re setting up at our Bandcamp.

Here’s the intro vid Nina put together:

For just $15 a year, you get:

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Julio’s random thoughts on the making of Civil War 2

  • Where would Frank’s Enemy be nowadays without Curtis Dewar to ply new tunes out of me?



  • The one problem is I didn’t have a song written other than a few lyrics, and I had five days to deliver.
  • The current events of the week provided some bitter inspiration on the lyric front.
  • As I was figuring the lyrics out, I fired up my Macbook, picked a tempo, fiddled out a synth hook on the keypad, and assembled the drums around it until the structure materialized.
  • I organized the lyrics and screamed them into the laptop’s built-in mic, with the fuzz effect on, in the midst of my kids creating their usual chaos. Added some BGVs with pitch shifting (actually sung, too)
  • After all that came the guitars, feeding back through my little rinky dink computer speaker. Some pitch-shifted leads with feedback. Then distorted subsonic bass.
  • Then the edit and mix. Ultra heavy gating on the vocals, with autotuning on. I hate my voice so much, I’d do anything to obliterate it. Then mastering, and off to Curtis, seconds before after midnight Friday, July 22.

Capture 3


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Somewhere at the Foot of the Cross (Civil War 2)

(New Frank’s Enemy song coming soon to the next Dewar PR comp. Written and recorded the week of the RNC, the shooting of Charles Kinsey and the Munich Shootings)

Wars to end all wars
Do not trump the wars to end all laws
We’ll carry our dead (the black and the blue)
Banners held high (popped cops and tools)

The grownups have all left the room
Eternal pissing contest, name your doom
Mindless laws turn men (back to cattle(
Inner Whitman, inner Klansman, (join the battle)

The answer’s somewhere
The answer’s somewhere

Solve it with shots
Solve it with fear
It will return
Wearing SWAT gear
Who’ll be the first (To smile through tears)
Who’ll be the first (To refuse fear)

The sword is calling you to come and die
You pull the trigger but what’s on your mind?
Keep on shooting (Bet what you hold dear)
You just keep on shooting (I’ll just try to heal)

The answer’s somewhere
At the foot of the Cross

The answer’s somewhere
But it’s getting lost


Another Illumination

Illumination was REYmastered six months ago. 

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I Wanna Be A Rebel


 (Upon reading of the Nat Turner Rebellion and how it started with killing people – what’s the line between revolution and war? Revolution and terror? )

I Wanna Be A Rebel

I wanna be a rebel
I wanna kill with no guilt
I want an army of the poor
To destroy what they built

All my motives noble
All my methods fun
A populist coronation
Aw shucks I’m the one

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Volveré a Cuba
A las cinco provincias
Y a Isla De Pinos
Al show de Gorki y Ciro


Volveré a Cuba
A comerme una frita
En el McDonald’s de la esquina
Después a ver tocar Los Pornos

Volveré a Cuba
A cantar El Comandante
Mientras La Presidenta Sanchez
Se reúna con Havel

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Suggested setlist for the Rolling Stones concert in Cuba


Street Fighting Man (“dig the time is right for a palace revolution” – and hey, the palace is just around the corner)

Star Star (in dedication to the sex workers of the malecón and their newly-advanced career opportunities)

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (in dedication to the dissidents, joined by a chorus of “volunteers” in white costumes)

2,000 Light Years from Home (in dedication to all the rafters in the Florida Straits)

Sweet Black Angel (in dedication to the Ladies in White – but will Mick and Keef harmonize the N-word after Obama visited?!?)

Under My Thumb (in dedication to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio)

Tumbling Dice (joined by special surprise guest Donald Trump, who subsequently announces agreement to build Trump Havana Casino & Resort – and he gets to keep 15% of the proceeds!)

Sympathy for the Devil (joined onstage by Fidel & Raul for the “killed the Tsar and his ministers” part)


El Comandante (In the grand Stones tradition of covering authentic tunes they close with Porno Para Ricardo’s signature tune that gives Fidel his due. The authorities respond like Hell’s Angels at Altamont.)