Hide Behind Jesus

Hide behind Jesus and do what thou wilt

Ask yourself what would He do but did He call you to do it?

Jesus more important than any family friend or time

Jesus and His will will be aligned with your mind

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Change the World Tomorrow

You see? Sometimes I can be positive.

Change The World Tomorrow

My agency’s free for those that love me
Above principle, above a party
Any opportunity, any system to game
With Biblical compass I will feel no shame

Caesar has what is his, Caesar’s nothing but us
I won’t lie or steal but I can make a deal
No line I won’t sign when it’s obviously time
if it pushes back the sorrow
I’ll change the world tomorrow

Keep the ones closest closest to your heart
Every love on this earth will soon sorrowfully part
Risen Lazarus’ bones went back to the sand
Savor each day you can hold a hand

Remember the faces, soon they will change
Each favorite book comes to its last page
Savor each need and know in your sorrow
That the Lord will redeem
He’ll change the world tomorrow


I almost converted to Buddhism (or, I almost got sunk by a B-movie director in disguise)

My faith underwent a seismic tremble that had me making big-time alternate plans for my tithe money after I heard that James Cameron was about to pull the rug out from under the Church.

But this is my lucky day. This guy’s blog post about Cameron’s muckumentary saved me from the depths of hell. Read it.