The Lead Boombox Rehearsal Tapes 1984

Tuesday 1984-08-21
No bass

Side 1:
05:30 Area 312 – 1
07:22 Area 312 – 2
08:07 Area 312 – 3
11:17 Area 312 – 4 c
15:45 I’ll Never Know 1 c*
19:15 I Am The Resurrection 1 c
23:08 One Step Ahead 1c, 2c*
27:30 Boy From New York City jam
29:29 Death of A Gunfighter (dissonant intro) tape runs out

Side 2:
00:13 New Creation 1
06:50 New Creation 2
+11:14 Hurricanes and Earthquakes 1c*
17:24 Best Friend 1c
19:48 Israel 1
23:00 Israel 2c*
26:30 Israel 3c*
28:57 blues jam

Tuesday 1984-09-11
at Sync
Nina on Bass for the first time

Side 1:
I’ll Never Know 1-c-damaged
4:00 I Want Candy jam
4:45 I Am The Resurrection 1
8:26 God Rules jam
9:15 Better Off jam*
10:40 God Rules jam
12:15 Hey Wait A Minute jam
16:00 Nina writes Take Him Home*
17:04 Area 312 1-c*
21:10 Take Him Home revisited*
22:40 Nina says she couldn’t write songs without bass
23:11 Area 312 2-breakdown
26:00 Area 312 3-c*

Side 2:
1:30 New Creation jam
3:10 Rick Cortez and Keith Chessom arrive*
5:32 I Am The Resurrection 2-c-damaged
8:25 Keith asks if we can turn it down to play someplace
9:56 I’ll Never Know 2-c-git and bass turned down
13:30 Area 312 4-c*
19:00 Conversation about Robert Mascaro etc
21:40 New Creation 1-c-accapella 1-2 at the end
25:30 One Step Ahead 1-c-no bass*
27:50 Death of A Gunfighter 1-tape runout

Thursday 1984-09-20
Nina on bass

Side 1:
00:47 New Creation 1 c
05:30 Little Bit O Soul jam
06:27 I Am The Resurrection 1 c
09:26 I’ll Never Know 1 c
12:06 Area 312 1 c
17:44 Better Off jam
22:53 unknown Julio song tryout
27:00 No Religion jam with Nina trying to write Take Him Home
31:40 All Day And All of The Night jam
34:37 Death of a Gunfighter 1 c
39:50 I’ll Never Know 1 c

Side 2:
00:25 I Am The Resurrection 2c
03:33 No Religion 2
04:30 I’ll Never Know 2
05:32 I’ll Never Know 3 c
11:15 One Step Ahead 1c
13:45 One Step Ahead 2c
17:13 One Step Ahead 3c-Nina talks Julio into playing on the first verse
20:24 Death of a Gunfighter 2c
26:53 Area 312 2c
31:37 Hurricanes and Earthquakes 1c
38:10 Israel 1c
42:46 Hey Wait A Minute jam

Undated 2
Bass – audible BGVs – learning Hurricanes and Earthquakes

Side 1:
Take Him Home 1-c sounds early
3:45 I Am The Resurrection 1-c Bass sloppy
6:15 New Creation 1-c
8:45 I’ll Never Know 1-c*
11:30 One Step Ahead 1-c
13:10 Area 312 1-c
16:35 Death of A Gunfighter 1-c*
20:45 Israel 1-c*
22:51 Hurricanes and Earthquakes 1-breakdown*
25:57 Hurricanes and Earthquakes 2 – continuation from breakdown*
28:23 Hurricanes and Earthquakes 3-breakdown
29:23 Hurricanes and Earthquakes 4-c-sloppy but intense*
33:42 No Religion 1-c-garagy-discussion
36:40 No Religion 2-c-faster

Side 2: noisier
I Am The Resurrection 2-c
3:30 New Creation 2-c-wild ending
6:09 I’ll Never Know 2-c
8:42 Death of A Gunfighter 2-c-drum broke

Undated 3
With Bass-noisy quality-Nina voice problems
Side 1:
I Am The Resurrection 1-wiped by jazz recording on top of it
3:00 New Creation 1-beginning cut off-breakdown
5:37 New Creation 2-c*
8:00 I’ll Never Know 1-c*
10:55 Take Him Home 1-c-guitar solo not fully developed*
14:00 Death of a Gunfighter 1-c-Nina loses voice on second verse and Julio helps, undeveloped guitar solo, discussion, Julio gear issues
22:00 Area 312 1-c-undeveloped ending
25:45 Area 312 2-from last verse-mistake in ending
27:32 Area 312 3-ending only-fixed
28:20 Israel 1-breakdown due to Nina losing voice
29:20 Israel 2-c
31:32 One Step Ahead 1-c

Side 2: blank

Tuesday 1984-10-02

Side 1: relatively clear
Take Him Home 1-c
3:20 I Am The Resurrection 1-c
6:17 I’ll Never Know 1-c
8:53 New Creation 1-c
11:15 Death of A Gunfighter 1-c
15:40 One Step Ahead 1-c
17:18 Area 312 1-c
20:31 Israel 1-c*
22:40 Hurricanes and Earthquakes 1-c

Side 2:
Nina Bass demo 1
4:02 Get Out of My Face Nina Bass demo*
6:27 Nina Bass Demo 2
9:00 Nina Bass Demo 3
10:47 Nina Bass Demo 4
12:06 Nina guitar demo 1 no words
14:50 Nina guitar demo 2

Monday 1984-10-29

Side 1: blank
Side 2: heavy guitar-snare miked
New Creation 1-c
3:10 Take Him Home 1-c
6:55 Death of a Gunfighter 1-c
17:45 Area 312 1-c
21:20 One Step Ahead 1-c
24:32 No Religion 1-c
27:03 Israel 1-c*
29:30 Hurricanes and Earthquakes 1-c*
45:30 I Am The Resurrection 1-tape runs out

Undated 1
October 84? – early bass-relatively clear- learning It’s Thru You and Get Out of my Face and Better Off

Side 1:
I Am The Resurrection 1-c
2:57 New Creation 1-c
5:28 I’ll Never Know 1-c*
8:00 Area 312 1-c
11:45 Take Him Home 1-c-out of tune a little
15:00 Death of a Gunfighter 1-c
19:16 One Step Ahead 1-c-guitar on first verse
20:51 Israel 1-c
22:56 Hurricanes and Earthquakes 1-c*
27:18 It’s Thru You 1-breakdown and discussion*
28:42 It’s Thru You 2-breakdown before where guitar solo would come in-discussion-slight tape damage
31:10 It’s Thru You 3-almost complete-ends early-discussion-Julio practice yells-Nina explains end
33:50 It’s Thru You 4-breakdown*
34:40 It’s Thru You 5-c*-sloppy at end-jam and discussion and practice of portions
40:55 It’s Thru You 6-breakdown-discussion
42:10 It’s thru you 7-breakdown-discussion-tape runs out

Side 2:
Discussion continues- It’s Thru You 8-breakdown-discussion
1:38 It’s Thru You 9-breakdown – discussion
6:00 Get Out of My Face jam
6:24 Get Out of My Face 1-breakdown-jams-too fast version
9:30 Get Out of My Face 2-c-sloppy ending-discussion
12:45 Get Out of My Face 3-sloppy ending still
15:10 Better Off discussion and jam and discussion – attempts with guitar intro-discussions
22:24 New Creation 2-breakdown
23:16 New Creation 3-c
25:45 I Am The Resurrection 2-c

Friday 1984-11-09

Side 1: relatively clear sound
I’ll Never Know 1-c-tape damage
2:57 Take Him Home 1-c
6:38 Area 312 1-c
10:13 Hurricanes and Earthquakes 1-c-tape damage
14:33 Death of a Gunfighter 1-c
19:30 New Creation 1-c
22:07 No Religion 1-breakdown
22:45 No Religion 2-c-weird vocal
24:50 One Step Ahead 1-c-weird Bass
26:34 Israel 1-c-slight tape damage
28:47 I Am The Resurrection 1-c
31:25 Alienated 1-breakdown
33:30 It’s Thru You 1-c
35:34 Better Off jam in progress
35:55 Better Off practice no vocals-tape damage
43:19 Better Off 1-breakdown
46:08 Better Off 2-tape runs out

Side 2:
Better Off 3-c-tape damage-long outtro
3:32 Get Out of My Face 1-c
5:30 It’s Thru You 2-c-weird drum breaks*
7:20 Better Off 4-c-tape damage
11:02 Get Out of My Face 2-c*

1985-01-1? at Sync?

Side 1: blank

Side 2:
00:00 Get Out of My Face 1 -in progress-tape damage
1:55 One Step Ahead 1-c
3:29 Death of a Gunfighter 1-c-tape damage
7:36 Hurricanes and Earthquakes 1-c
11:55 Take Him Home 1-c*
15:13 Alienated 1-c-sloppy-tape damage
17:15 No Religion 1-c-fast
19:25 Israel 1-c
21:17 New Creation 1-c*
23:38 I’ll Never Know 1-c-slight tape damage
26:10 Better Off 1-c-different solos-long outtro
29:28 It’s Thru You 1-c*-tape damage
31:07 I Am The Resurrection 1-c
33:45 Area 305 1-c
37:37 Question What Authority? 1-c-Julio vocal-loose

Thursday 1985-10-10
Nina home demos

Side 1:
You Don’t Need Him 1-Nina bass demo
1:22 You Don’t Need Him 2-Nina bass demo
3:30 Emergency! 1-Nina bass demo*


AGAIN 12″ Vinylly Out (rundown of runup)

First things first. After months and months, the 12″ vinyl copies of AGAIN are finally shipping from Resurrected Vinyl in Bakersfield, CA.

Only 100 copies were made. Nina and Rob and I signed and numbered them.

You can get yours for $15 plus shipping from Resurrected Vinyl’s Bandcamp right here.

If you’re in Bakersfield, you can grab it right off the rack at Going Underground Records!


Here’s Micheal Jeske (the man behind the label)’s Twitterlog of the morning he picked up the platters:


  • Heaven’s Metal reviewed AGAIN and it’s our favorite review of the bunch.
  • We got a 7/10 review at the Italian e-zine MetalEyes in March.
  • Every Fear Forgiven peaked at #5 in the CMW Loud chart back on April 4.
  • We were played on Invasive Feelings Webradio on June 10 (thanks, Sergio)
  • We were played on the Throne Room podcast on June 22
  • Every Fear Forgiven made it to the rotation at our favorite eternally-cool local regional Christian radio station CALL FM.
  • Nina and moi were profiled at Inhale the Heavy’s My Vinyl Offering feature.
  • Nina teased out a lyric video of Heaven Is Waiting on her Instagram (hopefully we see the whole schmear soon).

Studio Pass at Bandcamp: Subscribe & Help Us Finish The EP

After five years (!) we’re getting close to finishing the new EP.

It’s been (and still is) such an epic journey. Lots of work being poured into those four tracks.

We’re sharing the entire journey with you via Studio Pass, a subscriber area we’re setting up at our Bandcamp.

Here’s the intro vid Nina put together:

For just $15 a year, you get:

  • Digital download of the EP when we finally finish it
  • Demos
  • Outtakes
  • Past rough mixes (going back five years)
  • Future rough mixes as the tracks progress
  • Exclusive opportunity to preorder the EP on 10″ vinyl (limited edition of only 250 copies) for an insane $10.

Subscribe here.



History Lesson Part 2: I Fought The ’90s and the Grind Won (upping the insanity of Neoblasphemies)

I finally REYmastered Neoblasphemies.

But first, I think we need some background:

I hated the ’90s. It probably had more to do with me reaching my thirties than anything else. But I hated them.

You see, to me, the whole grunge thing sounded like all the dinosaur rock acts of the ’70s that were given a swift kick in the arse by Britpunk in the late 70s. Then during the 80s, louder and faster was the future. The goal to ever-pursue. Early 80s-hardcore and mid-80s crossover and late-80s grindcore left me most of the musical breadcrumbs I thought necessary. Pretty much.

And even though, while in the Lead, I never bought into glam/hair metal, I did succumb into trying to improve my musicianship (mostly consisting of learning Phrygian mode and palm-muting) as a result of listening to the Metallicas and Slayers and Voivods of the day and playing with Deliverance and Believer and Cynic (and even with the Crucified who had very serious chops for a punk band). So that kind of took over my nervous system along with the aforementioned louder faster etc…

Soooo, when the Lead ended in 1991 we had been demoing some quite epic complex tunes. Rob and Andy were firmly in the power/technical metal zone, I was still trying to test the limits of Rob’s drumming stamina, and Nina… well, if we had managed to actually make that record she’d have been the one leading the Lead into the 1990s. She definitely started to turn things away from the metal/thrash/speed side of things back to her alternative roots.

But I digress. My three songs for that project were ‘Destroy’, ‘Psychic Pain’ (with a writing assist from Andy and Rob) and a painfully-endless 10 minute version of ‘The Human Reich’ with something like five or six fast verses that gave it about six minutes of wall-to-wall thrash/blastbeat. The demos for those three songs ended up one of my solo one-man Frank’s Enemy 1992 demo tapes (Final Absolution), with Rob on drums but with Andy’s guitar erased.

The process of Frank’s Enemy becoming a real band and putting out the first CD took three years. The CD was tainted by my mindset which was still stuck on the metal/muso influences and suffered from me not getting out much in between 1991 and 1993. Not to say I wanted to be a copycat but I was stubbornly in a vacuum of my own making.

So when we unveiled the first CD at Michigan Mosh 94, I immediately felt like fish out of water. The rage at that fest was all these death metal/grind bands that were not very much like Frank’s Enemy.

Funny thing is, a lot of people in those bands were old Lead fans who had written to us. I remembered my correspondences with Billy Frasier of Oblation, whom I was happy to meet again at Michigan Mosh (he’d seen the Lead in Houston in 1990). Luke Renno of Crimson Thorn also professed a Lead influence/inspiration, and his band may have had the most memorable of all the sets in those couple of days.

Nice pleasant tee belies the brutality of the lineup.
Nice pleasant tee belies the brutality of the lineup.

...this was the lineup.
…this was the lineup.

In the wider scheme of things, Nina had traded letters with a young Steve Rowe during his Lightforce days. His new band Mortification’s Scrolls of the Megilloth was a unanimously-acclaimed classic of the genre in the early 90s. The other standout in those days, Living Sacrifice’s Nonexistent, was fronted by another Lead pen pal, Darren “DJ” Johnson.

And I did have both Scrolls and Nonexistent. Unfortunately, they sounded kind of monotonous to my ears and I couldn’t get into them. I was getting old, what can I tell you?

But then something magical happened in 1994: Living Sacrifice’s Inhabit and Mortification’s Blood World came out. I was immediately smitten with both of those records. Songs were generally shorter and catchier. There was a real hardcore influence (fast 80s and slower 90s kind) on Blood World. The guitar tone on Inhabit made me salivate.

By late ’94 I was downtuning my guitar and making Marc downtune his bass. I started getting to work on the songs that would comprise Neoblasphemies. There’s nothing more I can say it this point about the process of making the record in ’95-’96 that I didn’t already, back in the day, say here, here, here, and here.

I said all this to say that Neoblasphemies was our way of catching up with the 90s as well as “out-90s-ing” the other 90s bands after all the metal anachronisms of the first CD. The songs are still complexities, but most of them do their business in a couple of minutes and leave you for dead. Lyrically, I stopped writing dissertations and went for the heart with brevity and economy (and the judgmentalisms of the first CD were traded in for all-out introspection and angst as the Christian discovers he really is not of this world).

Most crucially, we went for sonic extremes when we made this record. Besides the downtuning and Luke Renno/Cookie Monster vocals, I shamelessly tried to copy Inhabit’s guitar sound. And Marc and I had these DOD stomp boxes like the Buzz Box and the Meat Box and we added them onto just about everything above and beyond guitars and basses. As a humorous aside, that Meat Box would end up breaking Marc’s speaker cones on tour.

Speaking of Marc, he became confident and in full flower as either an insane emo screamer or a Louis Johnson on crystal meth (or both at once).

And Alex drummed faster than ever and provided his fiancee’s vocal skills for the opener and I goaded him into attempting a guitar solo for good measure.

And we thought we did a pretty good job of getting it all onto the DAT. We then edited and ordered  the songs at our friend Blake Osborne’s studio in Lakeland and then did mastering proper with the legendary Mike Fuller of Fullersound in Criteria.

All we wanted out of the mastering was to be as loud as other people’s CDs. But we didn’t achieve it.

Thank goodness for today’s technology, though. Those waveforms don’t lie. I know darn well this remaster is as loud as we wanted it to be in 1996.

Above and beyond that, though, the brutal parts are more brutal (listen to the opening riffs on “Cauldron” and “Cannibalized”) and the softer parts enjoy a unprecedented clarity.

Marc’s production touches on the vocals for “Hanging on a Tree” and especially the out-of-left-field closing funker “Stephen Hawking walked Away” shine like never before.

Some of the transitions between songs were designed to knock your butt to the floor. Now it’s a real possibility. Just listen to the end of “Uncalled For” going into “Torturer” to see what I mean. I mean, it was insane enough in ’96 already.

But enough, let’s let the REYmastered Neoblasphemies roar for itself:




Neoblasphemies (REYmastered) by Frank’s Enemy


Go Fund Daniella Llopis’ outreach journey to Nepal

Since last time we posted, Nina’s youngest daughter Daniella made it to Hawaii with Youth With A Mission on July 9 for discipleship training.

Next step is Nepal, with an outreach team:

Hello Everyone! I’m going to be living in Nepal for the next few months. My outreach team and I are going to be working with orphanages, women in the red light district, homeless ministries, and helping with relief work. Thank you to everyone who has help me come this far, I’m so grateful for you! I still have a little further to go. I am needing about $2500 more if you feel led to support me it would be a huge blessing!

If you feel led, you can go fund Daniella right here.


Go help fund Daniella Llopis’ trip to mission school on GoFundMe

Daniella is Nina’s “baby” girl, and she’s raising funds to go to Youth With A Mission’s school in Hawaii and then to Southeast Asia. Want to help? Here’s her vision.

Hello, friends, family,  friends of friends, and friends of family. My name is Daniella Llopis, and I want to  journey out into the nations. I just graduated highschool and I hope to be a part of the July YWAM DTS (discipleship training school) in Kona, Hawaii. A DTS is a 6 month program where the first three months takes place in Kona, Hawaii where I will learn how to minister and be a true missionary, the next three months I will go out into the nations, specifically Southeast Asia, and there I will have the opportunity to improve the lives of and love the people of that area.  YWAM (youth with a mission) is a non profit organization that unites people young to old in the common purpose of Knowing God and making God known. For the first part of this adventure I am needing to raise $4,000.  If you feel in your heart that you would love to help me, you can donate here. Even the smallest amount will have an impact and I can’t thank you enough for helping me to  fulfill this dream that God has put in my heart! Thank you, God bless you!!!!

Go here to help out.


Frank’s Enemy – @anonymous

I guess now’s as good a time as any for me to tell you that I have long-term plans to release a full-length Frank’s Enemy project. Frank’s Enemy’s been putting stuff out here and there sporadically since 2002, and all of it will be included in the full-length (with some additional work on the tracks). But again, this is long-term. I’ve also made some long-term plans involving a new Lead EP with Nina and Rob. In my life, the only short-term plans I have involve work and parenting and husbandry.

But I digress. Here’s a little thrasher I slapped together in the ridiculously short time of two or three weeks. I had shared the lyrics here when I wrote them a couple of months ago. Just some ruminations on the infamous hacktivist group that’s been getting into the hair of giant corporations such as the Church of Scientology and Gene Simmons and some government intel conglomerate. They’ve really become a 21st-century version of the Vikings or the Mongols.

Last verse is food for thought, imagining some cyber-Armageddon pitting Anonymous against Muslim radicals.


To listen to this woman kicking major butt on voice and bass….

…go to Not Silent. Now.

Web 1.0

WELCOME! Our LEAD Story (Text of Not Silent Newsletter #1)

Okay, I guess a few explanations are in order. It’s been a long, long time, folks! Anyway, this is Julio, late of the Lead, and you are members of said group’s mailing list. You may have heard some things somewhere about the Lead and it’s possible demise. We have certainly gone through some horrible times since we got back from the tour last year (summer 1990). The culmination of those difficult times being that Andy Coyle and the rest of us parted ways, and then, two weeks later, we scrapped plans to record the album we had been working on. We also felt so burnt, so stressed, so . . . joyless, that we indeed did break up, at least in my eyes. This is about as detailed as I’d like to get, because there had been a lot of different things going on in each person’s mind at the time, and I don’t want to speak for anyone else. I know I didn’t want to break up, but maybe I didn’t speak up as much as I should have. I could have suggested that the band take a good, long, overdue break and just not do the record. But I guess we just jumped off the cliff, and I went on to other things (which you’ll see later).

This happened in May, and in the months since, even as I worked on all my projects, I maintained some contact with Nina. Again here I don’t want to get into too many details, so I’ll just say I eventually became open to working again, as the original trio, sometime next year. I have talked to Robbie and it would be safe to say that none of the three of us is closed to starting up again. There’s still a lot to be talked out, but it looks like officially the Lead is “taking a break” as opposed to “broken up”.

I hope you’ll join Nina, Robbie, and myself in seeking God’s will for us, whether together or separate. It’s still a long way from anything being definite, and I know I definitely would love to work again in the Lead. But only if all agree and, most of all, is within God’s plan for each of us. In the meantime, don’t be strangers!

The old Lead P.O. Box is still open for mail concerning Nina’s solo stuff, that P.O. Box always having belonged to her. Write to Nina and Robbie (who is playing drums for her) at that P.O. Box. Nina forgot to put the P.O. Box on her tape, and she’d like to hear from you all. DO NOT WRITE TO THAT P.O. BOX FOR LEAD MERCHANDISE. Write to me at NOT SILENT for that. See somewhere else in this newsletter for the remaining Lead merchandise.


Some of you may have heard that the title of the Lead’s abortive album was the same name as my new company, NOT SILENT. And in the Lead’s last newsletter, I discussed plans to start a t-shirt company called. . . Frank’s Enemy, the name of one of my new projects. I guess I can’t let a good name go to waste (they don’t come to me too often!).

Anyway, NOT SILENT is the company I have formed to a)provide an outlet for my musical endeavors consisting mostly of homemade demos sold as cheaply as possible b)provide an outlet for my artistic endeavors, probably mostly t-shirts like the pro-life one on sale here, and c)provide a means to clear out the inventory of Lead stuff remaining.

The homemade demos won’t win awards for sound quality, I can only hope that the songs, performances, price, and messages make up for this. They are demos in every sense of the word. Meaning that I hope they get picked up by a label and properly re-recorded sometime in the future. In fact, Final Absolution was recorded for Doug Mann at R.E.X., and I was under the impression that we were going to do it in the fall, but I heard next to nothing after I sent Doug the tape. So I’m making the tape available to you in all its rough glory. Atrocities consists of songs written that were too personal for the Lead to consider. Some of the riffs in these projects were made up on the spot, and some of the songs were structured as they were recorded. It makes for sloppiness in some places, but I think they make up for it in feel. But hey, they’re cheap demos.

NOT SILENT will also be the outlet for some of my non-thrash endeavors. They consist of, so far: King James and the Concordances, which have two tapes out on V.T.O., Las Ovejas Electricas (The Electric Sheep), which is a Spanish language Christian rock project, and another act, tentatively called C’est Posible, which is NOT a French project, but an outlet for some romantic songs with a Christian outlook that have been written through the years. I’m also in the process of starting a new band with some of my musically gifted friends.

These demos allow you to also decide to reduce the price if you send me the tape. I’ve listed both prices. If you send a good chrome tape you will get a much better recording than if I send you the demo on one of my tapes. You may end paying more but it will be completely up to you.

It’s my hope that you’ll still think of us as at least three new friends (we’ve lost touch with Andy), and I’d like all of you to go ahead and write to me with any comments, questions, etc. . . about anything you might want to talk about. One thing I missed as the Lead got “bigger” was the loss of personal contact with so many of you. I know it might be harder now, me being one man, you now being about 2,000 people, but I think it’s nothing a little organization and discipline can’t solve. I never stopped thinking that the greatest blessing God gave us in the Lead was “2,000 new friends”, even though we did do you all wrong the last year or so.

I would love to hear from you all.

God Bless.