Off Cassettes

My uber-talented old friend Richard learned how to play guitar a couple of years back. So he sent me a few tracks wondering if I could add instrumentation to them, like we used to in the old days (except I had to play everything). So this is the result. Enjoy!

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Suggested setlist for the Rolling Stones concert in Cuba


Street Fighting Man (“dig the time is right for a palace revolution” – and hey, the palace is just around the corner)

Star Star (in dedication to the sex workers of the malecón and their newly-advanced career opportunities)

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (in dedication to the dissidents, joined by a chorus of “volunteers” in white costumes)

2,000 Light Years from Home (in dedication to all the rafters in the Florida Straits)

Sweet Black Angel (in dedication to the Ladies in White – but will Mick and Keef harmonize the N-word after Obama visited?!?)

Under My Thumb (in dedication to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio)

Tumbling Dice (joined by special surprise guest Donald Trump, who subsequently announces agreement to build Trump Havana Casino & Resort – and he gets to keep 15% of the proceeds!)

Sympathy for the Devil (joined onstage by Fidel & Raul for the “killed the Tsar and his ministers” part)


El Comandante (In the grand Stones tradition of covering authentic tunes they close with Porno Para Ricardo’s signature tune that gives Fidel his due. The authorities respond like Hell’s Angels at Altamont.)