12″ Vinyl EP, Three Equals One 1986

Nina Llopis : bass, vocals
Julio Rey: guitar, vocals
Robbie Christie: drums, vocals

Produced by The Lead
Recorded at Third Eye Studios and Julio’s house on Julio’s Portastudio, Hialeah, 1986

1. No One’s An Atheist (Rey)
2. XB (Christie)
3. Sick Of This (Llopis/Rey)
4. You Don’t Need Him (Llopis)
5. Calling Out To You (Rey)
6. Alienated (Kaiser)

Notes and transcripts by Darrel Mikulcik:

1986 Automoloch

12″ vinyl
Label: Three Equals One Records # 3-0004
6 tracks
TT: 18:02
printed cvr, plain sleeve, no insert
Dead wax inscriptions:  a: “Stay Awake, Love the Lord” b: “Don’t Be Fooled by the World”
Produced & Engineered by theLead
Recorded Julio’s portastudio at Third Eye Studios
Mixed at Sync Studios w/ guidance of Mike McNamee & Hal Spector
re-released 1990 on Vertical Take Off Records on tape
re-released 2006 on Retroactive Records # RAR7820 on cd (Hardcore of Jesus, anthology)

01  No One’s An Atheist (3:04)
02  XB (3:07)
03  Sick of This (4:20)
04  You Don’t Need Him (3:33)
05  Calling Out to You (2:12)
06  Alienated (1:46)

01  No One’s An Atheist (3:04)

He was nobody’s fool he always knew what he was
Just a bunch of molecules no spirits or souls to speak of
He turned his back on God
Spat on those offering His love
He was in charge of his life
Til something happened to his wife
No one’s an atheist when you’re looking at death in the face
Sit down blubbering trying to pray before it’s too late
Trying to jump out of a fiery plane into the pearly gates
Jesus is so real when you’re looking at hell in the face
He was nobody’s fool but now he’s a puppet with strings cut off
Sitting on her deathbed trying to strike a deal with God
He doesn’t know where to start
Promise to go to church forever
Light one hundred candles a day
To make the reaper go away

(Julio Rey)

02  XB (3:07)

Looking over there
Looking everywhere
Look what I see
She’s looking straight at me
Lord give me strength
Not look with lust
I’ve got the power
Of God’s Holiness
I’ve got the power
To rule over sin
I’ve got the strength
To live once again
Jesus gave His life
To destroy satan’s plan
Satan can’t rule
With chains on his hands
Jesus is the Way, the Truth & the Life
Yes yes Jesus lives
He’s the One that will forgive

(Robbie Christie)

03  Sick of This (4:20)

Sometimes I don’t act the way I’m supposed to do
That’s when I get scared wondering when I’m being true
Getting sick & tired of the same old smiling faces
Running out of people to like, stuck in the same places
What did you think? This was the easy way out?
What did you think following the Lord is really all about?
Did you think we just got our daily holy kiss?
And no failures and frustrations make me sick of this?
Sometimes I get home with scum all over me
That’s when I look in the mirror disbelievingly
Finding out how much God loves me every single day
But I’m always finding out the hardest way
Trapped by my intellect, where do I go from here?
Just turn off the lights & go to sleep without a prayer
Somewhere someone’s nails are ripped out for the Lord I take so lightly
And with each stumble & guilty pang satan grows more & more mighty
Now here I sit like a useless rug on the floor
Waiting for the hand that pulls me to heaven’s door
Sometimes a sin is all I need to get me thinking right
A failures all it takes to get me back into the fight

(Nina Llopis & Julio Rey)

04  You Don’t Need Him (3:33)

Took a long time just to find you
Though sometimes Lord I’m
Still running away from you
& Your will for me
And a voice inside me says it’s not true
It says
You don’t need Him
& you don’t need His love
I’ve been thinking all about you
& how you keep on running away from Him
And His will for you
It’ a game you play
But you can’t ever win
Well I haven’t got too much time
I can only tell you what He’s done for me
And what your life could be like
And how His love is the only love
That can set you free
You see, you
You need Him
You need His love

(Nina Llopis)

05  Calling Out to You (2:12)

We’ve been driven out by demons for too long
We’ve been in the flesh letting it get strong
Cold conviction is the sword into our hearts
Opens up a wound & lets the filth depart
Life without the Lord is a pursuit of nothing
Run in circles till you’re on your knees & screaming
Dive into the murky depths of satan
Drown in it you still die empty
And He’s calling out to you
And He has died for you
But He can not force you
The Lord always waits to fill your life
His jagged wounds spilled the payment of the price
Just like Him you can say goodbye to your death
Let Him break your babel before it falls on your head

(Julio Rey)

06  Alienated (1:46)

I like your name and I like your face
Are you a charter member of the human race?
Are you ever frustrated by the things you see?
Does it make you sad or upset like me?
You are alienated from this world
Talked about but politely neglected
Alienated from this world
& I’m beginning to understand
With love in Your eyes you confront the lies
The double standards and the party ties
My one affiliation is with Your name
To share Your kingdom & to share Your shame
I have chosen the narrow road
Lord You gave me such and easy load
I look at the cross & I see Your love

(1981 Glenn Kaiser)

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