Burn This Record
CD and cassette
REX 1989

Nina Llopis : bass, vocals
Julio Rey: guitar, vocals
Andy Coyle : guitar, vocals
Robbie Christie: drums, vocals

Produced by The Lead & Mike McNamee
Recorded at Criteria Recording Studio, Studio C, North Miami, 1989

1. Change The World (Llopis)
2. Boring World (Rey)
3. Suicide Is A Lie (Llopis)
4. Internal Pain (Christie/Rey)
5. Hope You Stay Alive (Rey)
6. Oh No! Not Again (Llopis)
7. To The Ends Of The Earth (Llopis/Rey)
8. Losers (Rey)
9. Who’s The Victim (Llopis)
10. I Can’t Find It In My Heart (Rey)
11. Skate Or Die (Llopis)
12. Kill Satan Mosh (Rey)
13. The Empty Sepulchre (Christie, Rey)
14. Defiance (Rey)
15. Wink Of An Eye (Coyle, Christie, Llopis, Rey)

Notes and transcripts by Darrell Mikulcik:

1989 Burn This Record

R.E.X. Music #0001380508
15 tracks
TT: 51:37
4 pg insert
Produced by Mike McNamee / MAc-Attack Productions & The Lead
Exec. Prod.: Doug Mann
Recorded & Mixed 9/89 at Criteria Studios, Miami, FL, USA
Engineered by Mike McNamee
Ass. Engineers: Mike Spring & Andy Roschberg
Sleeve design by Nina Llopis & Julio Rey
re-released 2006 on Retroactive Records # RAR7820 on cd (Hardcore of Jesus, anthology)

01  Change the World (3:52)
02  Boring World (1:41)
03  Suicide is a Lie (4:10)
04  Internal Pain (5:36)
05  Hope You stay Alive (1:50)
06  Oh no, Not Again (3:54)
07  To the Ends of the Earth (3:46)
08  Losers (3:13)
09  Who’s the Victim (3:31)
10  I can’t find it in My Heart (2:23)
11  Skate or Die (4:05)
12  Kill Satan Mosh (3:41)
13  The Empty Sepulchre (4:16)
14  Defiance (4:00)
15  Wink of an Eye (0:04)

01 Change The World (3:52)

So you’ve seen the light
Well what are you going to do with it?
Don’t hide it inside
That’s not what He wants you to do with it
‘Cause that’s how they know Him
They know Him by what you do
It’s not only what you say
It’s what you do

You say that you want to change the world
Yea, you say that you want to-
Change the world

I said it’s not what you say
It’s what you do
That’s how they know Him
They know Him by watching you
They could be tired
They could be hungry
They could be lost
They could be dying

repeat chorus

If you want to change the world
You’d better let God work on yourself
And after you let God work on yourself
Then maybe you can help change something else

(Nina Llopis)

02 Boring World (1:41)

It’s not too hard not to love the world
When it’s nothing but one big bore
The few things that we could call simple pleasures
Just leave us in need of being restored

Careers and bank accounts-what for?
Don’t get detentions and pass you classes-what for?
Buy a beautiful house and build a wall-what for?
Get a beautiful wife have lots of kids-what for?

The promises of growing up seem like lies to me
Driven by green rectangles  profit mentality
And when I get myself far away from the Lord
Is it any wonder all I feel is bored?

repeat chorus

It means nothing outside the Lord

(Julio Rey)

03 Suicide Is A Lie (4:10)

A suicidal thought or two
Or three or four or five
Satan will do anything
But to keep your faith alive
A hole’s been drilled inside your heart
It’s getting bigger by the day
But still you turn your eyes
When someone says
God could be the way
No. I can’t see inside your head
But I know the feeling
And I know the dread
You see I’ve been there before
And I know how it feels
Satan will come to rob
he will come to destroy and to steal

he’s the father of lies
And he’s telling you a lie
‘Cause he’s telling you to die
And suicide-is a lie

You try and try to make it
Through the night
Everything seems wrong
And nothing seems right
A voice keeps whispering
Again and again
Make this day your last
Make the anguish end
But Jesus is the Way
And the Truth and the Life
And He will take away the fright
And the fear and the anguish
And pain that you feel
Don’t listen to satan’s lies
When he tells you God is not real

repeat chorus

He knew you before you were born
And He even knew you when
You were not even formed
He knew the time and place you began
Yes-Jesus is the Way
And the Truth and the Life
And He will take away the fright
And the fear and the anguish
And pain that you feel
God will take it away
Because God is really real

(Nina Llopis)

04 Internal Pain (5:36)

Why do you doubt
To know what God is all about
You want to live your own way
You say that “God is dead” to me

I see right now that your spirit is hurting inside
You spirit cries for something to relieve the pain
You lack of faith in God is why your spirit is dead and weak
The cries of help are getting to where you can’t sleep

Let me tell you why
Your spirit is hurting inside
You life is full of hate
You want to destroy what God creates

You say there is no God you don’t believe in what you see
Look at the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea
The power of God is for real.  Faith in Him will set you free
It’s up to you if you want Him to free you of this internal pain

Now my life is closing in I can’t believe the mess I’m in
I scream for help God are You there I want to know why I’m here
Please oh God help me now the walls of life are closing down
The pain inside is killing me the fear inside is haunting me
I put my faith in You now just take away this awful pound
Now I see what drove me down the hate and sin that’s all around
Clean my life take my sins Jesus Christ I ask you in
Now I won’t go insane You’ve taken away this internal pain

It is hope that builds the faith to strengthen our dreams
Alone with God and His Word is the main thing for me
Know His love and share His word is the Power we need
You alone can’t save yourself from the evil we see
Run the race to win the prize God will bless all your needs

(Robbie Christie / Julio Rey)

05  Hope You stay Alive (1:50)

I had words for you I had ears for you
I had time for you patience for you
I had hope for you I had dreams for you
I had smiles for you I had love for you

But now all that’s left is the love
And I’ll keep praying to God above
It can still come out alright
Why do you do the things you do
Who blew it your mom or you
Now there’s a price

Walking down Mr. Big wearing that fishing cap
Concealed weapons laughing at heart attacks
Alway getting wasted writing crud on the walls
Gang violence mentality take it into Youth Hall

Friends worried and concerned for you
Wanting no more trouble for you
Now the county’s coming to take you
Showed you Jesus and faith
Did you take it and throw it away
Prayers for you.

I will dream for you I will smile for you
I will wait for you I will think of you
I will visit you I will talk to you
I will listen to you I will pray for you

Hope this first time is the last
Hope it soon will be passed
I hope you survive
That time you prayed to be saved
Hope it was real wasn’t faked
I hope you stay alive

(Julio Rey)

06  Oh No, Not Again (3:54)

Oh no I try to get myself to stop this sin
but I just can’t seem to make it go away
Oh no it must be something inside of me
that says it want to go, but maybe I
really want it to stay you you you seem
to be always there just waiting just waiting
for my weakness to emerge you you  you like
a stalking giant just waiting there until I get the urge

Oh no . . . here it comes again
It’s the same old-it’s that same old sin again

Stop stop is what I shout is what I shout
to myself but then I do it
anyway repent and pray repent and pray
I get on my knees and repent and pray when will this anguish end
give it up give it up you’ve got to give it all up to God
when will you ever learn fight fight you fight
with all your flesh don’t you see it’s only by His power

repeat chorus

But I can do all things through Jesus Christ
He give me the strength

(Nina Llopis)

07  To the Ends of the Earth (3:46)

“Don’t tell me what to do rich boy
“Don’t tell me what I am old man
“It ain’t doing no good to me
“Your good book there in your hand
“Did you spend a lot of time practicing
“Reciting your words so perfectly
“Are you trying to win a gold star
“Is you preacher giving trips to Hawaii?”

Is it in our minds is it in our eyes?
What do we do Lord what do we do?

“Did I hear ‘love’ a couple of times
“I guess it’s hard for me to tell
“I look at you and your teeth are smiling
“Your eyes despise me for my look and smell”
Uttering the same old phrases
Looking for brightness in the faces
Seeing anger an indignation
We left God out of the equation

It’s in our minds it’s in our eyes
What do we do Lord tell us what to do?

Once I spoke the same old joyful words
And I said them with conviction
And that fire still burns inside
Though my world put a mote in my eye
Makes it harder to see the prize

Hades sufferers cry out
From doom’s other side
“Warn my family warn my friends
“Bring them to Jesus from satan’s lies”

08  Losers (3:13)

The empires are crumbling how the mighty have fallen
Electric church short circuit is this what they’ve been sowing?
Are they really aberrations mutants out of God’s will?
and if they’re really saved are they in for the early kill?

Ten little Indians one by one
Fat fortune luck? points it’s gun
God is dead all will say
Soul by soul burns away
Look in the Bible Old Testament failures
Moses hit the rock Noah drunk and naked
For a woman David murdered Solomon took idols
And a few years later Peter’s three denials

repeat chorus

It’s not the amounts of money, it’ll all perish in the end
And it’s not the people who gave of their heart God will prize them in the end
And it’s not he ones who stole God will know how to deal with them
It’s the ones that now may never believe they’re the losers in the end

We’ve got to open our hearts we’ve got to hit the ground
Cry on your knees eyes closed face down
I know my failures as darkness covers the world
And I am no better I’m in the hands of the Lord

(Julio Rey)

09  Who’s the Victim (3:31)

Oh God
Oh God
Please say this can’t be
This morning they said
There’s a baby inside of me
They’re telling me that I
Should make it go away
To start my life over
I’d better do what they say

And they say you’re not really a baby
You’re just a fetus
And you’re not even formed
And they say that I won’t remember you
And they say that I will not think of you
And they say you’ll be just a faded memory

Well they lied-they lied
You see it isn’t true
Because every day I think of you
And what it would be like
To hold you in my arms
I never meant to kill you
I never meant to do you any harm

But they said you weren’t a baby
You were just a fetus
And you didn’t need to be born
But on that day they lied to me
You were alive inside but they just couldn’t see
You are always a living memory
And only a loving God could forgive me

Oh God, forgive us for murdering
Our children

(Nina Llopis)

10  I can’t find it in My Heart (2:23)

I know it’s like this everywhere
But I can’t help it I’ve got to care
If only cause it’s hit me in the face
Lost a few notches in the spiritual rat race
Seems some church brothers lied about me
Word’s gotten around what could they think of me?

I can’t find it in my heart
To forget to forgive how shall I then live?

I’m not in love I just made a friend
Nothing’s going on we both understand
But righteous anger has turned to rage
And rebuke has turned into a war waged
Youth group and service all eyes are on me
And I’m getting getting getting getting angry

repeat chorus

And so I suffer and I suffer . . .

I know it’s pride I keep hanging onto
God will strike me my grip will soften
I’ll beak down and forgive any day
But when they say hello, I’ll probably still look away

(Julio Rey)

11  Skate or Die (4:05)

I know your motto
It’s Skate or die
Well Jesus died
Do you know why

Oh yeah you say that you know God real well
But you don’t think about Heaven
And you don’t think about Hell
You could be skating for the King of Kings
Instead you’re not skating for anything

It’s on your mind
All the time
Possesses you
It’s what you do

But I can see real well
You could skate yourself
Straight to hell
If you’re not skating
For the King of Kings
Then you’re not skating for anything

He will take
All you do
He will give it meaning
He will empower you

But yea I see real well
You’ve taken God and put Him on a shelf
If you’re not skating for
The King of Kings
Then you’re not skating
For anything

(Nina Llopis)

12  Kill Satan Mosh (3:41)

He’s the one that pushes you into the jaws of sin
He’s there when innocence ends and tortures begin
He’s in every drugland he’s in the Bible belt
Tells you it’s all in your mind tells you all is well

I’m going to hear the demons cry out
In one tortured scream

Controlling the controllers he gives no one a chance
Got a gun in his hand gonna see you dance
He’s the instigator of teenage suicides
He’s the one who’s trying to give mankind his cyanide

repeat chorus

I’ll be there when the time comes to stand next to that pt of fire
I’ll be there when the moment of truth overtakes the father of liars
For he was always there when I was lying or hating
So I’ll be there when the time comes for the Lamb to kill Satan

repeat chorus

(Julio Rey)

13  The Empty Sepulchre (4:16)

Sunday morning
Still the dark
Mary saw
That the stone had been rolled away
She screamed real loud
She told them that
They have taken our Lord away

Mary, Jesus said, I have risen from the dead
Go tell them now that I’m alive not dead
But they believed her not. that He had risen from the dead
He was very sad that they did not believe in Him

Go ye
Into all the world
And teach My Words
In the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost
That’s what
The Bible says
In color red
Those are the Words Jesus said

Bible is for real the Words in this Book they can heal
His Love is for real don’t let Satan kill or steal
You know what Jesus did when He rose from the dead
He broke the chains of sin that we may all live with Him

(Robbie Christie / Julio Rey)

14  Defiance (4:00)

You say you live by no rules but your stomach must be fed
And you’ll cry and scream for rules when you’re stabbed and left for dead
You say you’ll throw out society and replace it with something new
But someone won’t like it and do their own coup on you

Defy defy

You mock the ‘damned Christians” but you can’t kill the Truth
Burn down the churches we’ll go back to catacombs
Gag our mouths and torture us strengthen us even more
We see behind the blasphemy you can’t shock us anymore

Defy defy

(Julio Rey)

15  Wink of an Eye (0:04)

My thoughts:

SUICIDE IS A LIE: This was another of Nina’s shining moments on Burn This Record. It took us a while to understand what she was after in the fast parts, until we realized that she wanted a 3/4 beat (a fast waltz, basically). Which actually works a bit better with that type of drumming, as the song plods less than the others with that style. The middle features one of the best slow sludge riffs ever, it was such fun to play live. Another distinguishing trait of this one is Andy Coyle and I playing a harmonized double-lead after we each took our turns soloing (I’m the crazy solo that starts the section). He and I almost came to blows about it because we weren’t in tune, and we ended up having to use a pitch shifter on one of the guitar tracks. Those were the days…

This song actually kept a kid from commiting suicide. I don’t have all the facts because it was a story told to Nina. Contact her at her site for more details. (02.26.2001)

HOPE YOU STAY ALIVE: I forgot to include a dedication for this tune on the lyric sheet to Burn This Record. It would have been “To Frosty,” which was the nickname of this kid in my church youth group who was a member of the Latin Kings gang, and definitely not headed on a good path. He was goodhearted but severely misdirectioned. My friend, who was the youth group leader, warned his parents that he would soon be either in jail or dead. This was about 12 years ago and he’s been in jail several times.

This tune was later performed by Frank’s Enemy at most of their shows. This was one of my earliest tries at marrying hip hop and thrash, complete with mock Tone Loc vocals in the intro and prehistoric Tom Morello guitar-pick scratching in the breaks. (03.25.2001)

TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH: Musically, Nina wrote the slow Sabbath-sounding part, and I wrote the fast past.

I wrote all the lyrics, and they were totally unintelligible on the recording (my philosophy for this type of music is that if you can understand the words, it’s not heavy enough). They lyrics were about casting doubt on traditional methods of evangelism. A lot of my songs were about expressing the struggle for the Christian. I really didn’t want my lyrics to be the standard-issue Christian rockisms of the day. (04.09.2006)

WHO’S THE VICTIM: This was Nina Llopis’ most heartfelt moment on Burn This Record, due to its autobiographical content. It took a lot of guts for her to put this experience of undergoing an abortion to music. Musically, the best parts are the slower parts. I kind of lobbied for the presence of speed on the song because of my obsession with it. We recorded the CD at world famous Criteria studios in North Miami, where everyone from Clapton to REM have worked. It was grest, except that we finished the whole thing in four days. A little rushed. The carefully played solo is by Andy Coyle, and I’d sure love to know where he is now…(01.15.2001)

SKATE OR DIE: I think this song actually charted in CCM Magazine’s metal chart back in the day. In the same magazine, Doug Van Pelt said that Nina’s songs in Burn This Record were characterized by “fun and a groove.” He probably had this song in mind when he wrote that comment.

The lyric is a fairly straightforward admonition to do all to God’s glory, and I admit I preferred to write my lyrics in a different style. Things weren’t always 100% easy in those days. I sure did my part by imposing my desire to be in the fastest, insanest band in the world upon the others. Had I known the onslaught of sarcasm and personal vilification the song would inspire in this one atheist named Hugh Anka, writing for Amygdala, I might have had second thoughts about what I was doing (but that’s another story…). I honestly did enjoy that article. It’s not often that you see some semblance of intelligence in a secular assessment of Christian music (or unfortunately even in a Christian assessment). Of course, no one likes to be called “cow” or “not too bright,” but I guess I we must consider the source. The agenda is pretty clearly to show Christians who play rock and roll in as negative a light possible. After all, the atheist has his own belief system to tend to which, I dare say, requires a longer leap of faith than the Christian’s (that’s yet another story…). (01.14.2001)

THE EMPTY SEPULCHRE: This song is 90% Robbie Christie: he sang me the riff (it was inspired by a Stryper song, I think he said, but I’m not the best Stryper authority in the world) and I played it on guitar to his specifications. He wanted the slow/fast switches. He wrote the lyrics. I helped with the structuring of the song and the writing of the fast part in the middle, but Robbie had final say on everything.

The lyrics are a straightforward account of the Resurrection. It’s at least as much fun to listen to as “He’s Alive” by Don Francisco.

This made it to an REX compilation called ARGH!!! in 1991. For reasons only known to REX, the song was re-edited giving more prominence to the fast middle part. (08.06.2001)

DEFIANCE: A lot of memories with this one. Doing the overdubs for the noise avalanche at the end involved basically lots of throwing the guitar around the studio with the amp on, and then leaning it against the speaker and playing with the knobs. Fun.

We also got into a bit of a controversy because of my use of the word “damn” in the lyrics, which was only meant to be a retort to direct quote from another band, which actually called Christians “damn Christians.” Nevertheless, I had to field questions from concerned brethren. What days of innocence those were.

I was mad enough when I wrote the lyrics, though. And we Christians still make for very easy targets nowadays. Bashing Christians means being able to feel righteous and cool at the same time. We often stand alone. (05.26.2001)

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