Hadrcore For Jesus
2-CD set, Retroactive 2006

Nina Llopis : bass, vocals
Julio Rey: guitar, vocals
Andy Coyle : guitar, vocals (CD 2, tracks 8-22)
Robbie Christie: drums, vocals

Digital transfer by Bill Duncan, GreenFog Studios, Miami, and Thomas Anthony, Natural Sound, Miami. Digital remastering by Rob Colwell.

CD 1
1. It’s Thru You
2. Better Off
3. Get Out Of My Face
4. Question What Authority?
5. You Don’t Know
6. Kill Satan
7. It’s Thru You
8. The Law Of Love/Throwaway
9. Second Chance
10. Lead You To Repent
11. Question What Authority?/One Step Ahead
12. Death Of A Gunfighter
13. Better Off
14. Lead Us To Salvation
15. Take Him Home
16. Get Out Of My Face
17. Hide His Name
18. It’s A Crazed World
19. No Religion
20. Emergency
21. Revolution In The Heart
22. No One’s An Atheist
23. XB
24. Sick Of This
25. You Don’t Need Him
26. Calling Out To You
27. Alienated

CD 2
1. Abomination/National Pride
2. He Won’t Take A Joke
3. No Religion
4. Old Warrior
5. Tunnel Vision
6. Puritan
7. Jesus Became Sin
8. Change The World
9. Boring World
10. Suicide Is A Lie
11. Internal Pain
12. Hope You Stay Alive
13. Oh No! Not Again
14. To The Ends Of The Earth
15. Losers
16. Who’s The Victim
17. I Can’t Find It In My Heart
18. Skate Or Die
19. Kill Satan Mosh
20. The Empty Sepulchre
21. Defiance

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