The Past Behind (3=1)
12″ Vinyl EP and cassette
Three Equals One 1987
  Download original cassette rip

Nina Llopis: bass, vocals
Julio Rey: guitar, vocals
Robbie Christie: drums

Produced by The Lead and Pete Sosa
Recorded at Third Eye Studios, Miami, 1987

1. Abomination (Rey)
2. National Pride (Rey)
3. He Won’t Take A Joke (Rey)
4. No Religion (Rey)
5. Old Warrior (Rey)
6. Tunnel Vision (Christie, Llopis, Rey)
7. Puritan (Rey)
8. Jesus Became Sin (Rey)

Notes and transcript by Darrel Mikulcik:

1987 The Past Behind

12″ vinyl
Label: Three Equals One Records # 3-0005
8 tracks
TT: 18:16
clr printed cvr, plain sleeve
Dead wax inscription:  a: “Don’t Wanna Be No Gumby!!!” b: “Twisted by Secular Society”
re-released 2006 on Retroactive Records # RAR7820 on cd (Hardcore of Jesus, anthology)

01  Abomination (2:14)
02  National Pride (0:46)
03  He Won’t Take a Joke (3:42)
04  No Religion (2:35)
05  Old Warrior (1:31)
06  Tunnel Vision (5:05)
07  Puritan (0:17)
08  Jesus Became Sin (2:06)

01  Abomination (2:14)

Oh Lord what can I do now?
Have I done wrong to You somehow?
All this failure in every station
Have I given You an abomination?
And I just feel like running away
Become a monk and pray
Cut myself off from everyone
All alone until I see the Son
Abomination strange fire
Don’t wanna be a liar
Oh Lord what a tough road
It’s even worse when I carry the load
I know I’ve got to give it to You
But I’m hearing lies that seem so true
I fear You now fear Your wrath
Oh Lord keep me on Your path
Abomination strange fire
I don’t wanna be a liar
Oh God I just give up
What a solution to my lack of trust
Life crumbles, I never heeded
You’re giving me what I needed
Broken now, build me up
Like You no one can sculpt
Perfection from formless mass
Eternal truth from dead past
Abomination strange fire
I don’t wanna be a liar

(Julio Rey)

02  National Pride (0:46)

USA USA thousand and one ills
Everyone offers a thousand one pills
Don’t need national pride
Don’t need national lies
Ain’t cornered the market on God
Gotta bend your knees and fall
USA USA heart to heart
Of, by, for the people, make a start
Away from the pride and the dollar bills
Adultery for which there is no pill
The Blood was spilled for all
For gains non territorial
You destiny’s not manifest
You can’t earn what’s blessed
Yankee come home
Facing hell alone
Hold out your hand
For the flames know no flag

(Julio Rey)

03  He Won’t Take a Joke (3:42)

666 and pentagrams on the wall
Dark kingdoms decay and forces fall
I need my booze and marijuana every single day
& all the girls I can bring in & kick out the next day
I look in the mirror & there’s my phantom lord
Make me forget the kind of poser that I was before
Satanic bible is creative input
I wake up at night and see red eyes hovering above
Got Kentucky Fried Chicken bones tied round my neck
Playing a game called evil making love to death
A skull-faced succubus with the coldest touch
Fulfills my fantasies of the upside-down cross
A creature of the night lost in my head
Find a metal mama gonna leave her dead
Gotta keep running & who cares where
As long as it’s fast as long as I dare
Try to think of it as a game
When you face the real reaper and say
You’ didn’t mean it when you took God’s Name in vain
Playing with satan’s fire and walking in the smoke
But satans’ got you & he won’t take a joke
Ignore the wrinkles forming fast on my face
Pedal to the metal & keep it hell paced
Sometimes I feel something chasing me don’t know what
I’ll be alright as long as the music don’t stop
First it’s cool til the cold comes creeping in
In waves of fear and paranoia
Don’t know how to get out of what you got in
Played with satan’s fire now get ready for the pit & smoke
You chose to play his game but he didn’t t take the joke
You & your master
Dying ever after

(Julio Rey)

04  No Religion (2:35)

I don’t need no religion cos I got the Lord
Don’t need to work up to Him
Because He came down & did it all
I don’t need no barefoot pilgrimages
I don’t need no porcelain images
I don’t need no penance sit
I don’t need no candles lit
I don’t need no religion
Jesus came & touched me
Don’t need no religion
He came down & changed me
I don’t need no religion
Unless it’s out of loving Him
In Faith
I don’t need no religion
I don’t need no load on my back
No fall dow failure no asceticism
No fall back
I thought that I would work my way
Into God’s kingdom someday
But He let me know in time
Now I’m in His kingdom
And He’s ruling mine
I don’t need no religion
He came down and changed me
I don’t need no religion
Don’t have to do a thing
I don’t need no religion
Unless it’s out of loving Him in faith

(Julio Rey)

05  Old Warrior (1:31)

Keep looking keep looking keep looking
Keep on having fun
The answer is keep on looking
Keep your mind on the run
Old warrior Old warrior
Is it so uncool to run a clear race?
Is any answer to you a lie?
Think you’ll only find the truth of life
On the day that you die?
Old warrior old warrior
Old warrior old warrior
Anyone who claims to have the answer
Is a turnoff to you no matter who
But I pray that on the day that you die
You don’t have to realize you let the Answer go by
When you turn fifty or sixty
If the world should go that far
You can smile at your life of changing windmills
Call yourself an old warrior

(Julio Rey)

06  Tunnel Vision (5:05)

Hey you Yeah I’m talking to you
Jesus died on the cross for you
And He shed His blood for you
But you’ve got tunnel vision
You let the message of salvation
Go in one ear and out the other
Don’t  don’t reject Him
Because the reason that He died
Was to take away your sin
But you just turn a deaf ear
To everything I say
And act like this message
Is not for you but it is
Hey you yeah I mean you
Don’t let it get too late
Don’t think you can wait
Get rid of that tunnel vision
Because that message of salvation
Was meant for you

(Robbie Christie, Nina Llopis, Julio Rey)

07  Puritan (0:17)

Wrinkles on their face they doubt
Dress for corporate power outfits around
Can’t see the things I do my way
Feel bad inside when they say they’ll pray
Of God’s guidance I am sure
And I’ve made my share of errors
Just follow God the best I can
And not to be tempted to cry “puritan!”
Pimples on their faces they doubt
Dress for rad trend fashion around
In a sea of ways trying to show God’s way
Feel scared inside when it’s time to pray
Of God’s guidance I am sure
And I’ve made my share of errors
Just follow God the best I can
Sometimes you’ve got to be a puritan

(Julio Rey)

08  Jesus Became Sin (2:06)

Try to look through His eyes as Golgotha approached
Can you feel the bolts of pain that seared through Him?
But it could not compare to the desolation inside
The guilt of every murder the despair of every lie
Jesus became sin such was His love
He was mutilated beyond all recognition
But in God’s eyes He was more than repulsive
He became sin the thing that He most abhorred
And from God’s love Jesus got an expulsion
Jesus became sin
He looked up for His Father in hope on the cross
The very Jehovah who thundered “This is my Son”
Jesus cried out but the Father turned away
Turned away from this filth and He was gone
Darkness had won

(Julio Rey)

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